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About Me

I am a Lecturer in the Philosophy Department at King’s College London (roughly equivalent to an Assistant Professor in North American parlance). I received a B.A. in Philosophy and Linguistics from Stanford in 2011 and a PhD in Philosophy from Princeton in 2018. My research interests are in the history of late modern philosophy, beginning with Kant and tracing his influence through early neo-Kantianism to certain late 19th century figures who are not typically thought of as successors to Kant: Nietzsche and the American Pragmatists, particularly William James. I am especially interested in late modern philosophers’ attitudes toward science, including both epistemological views (on its methods, its limitations, what sort of philosophical foundation it has or needs) and ethical views (on the proper place of science in the life of individuals and societies). I also have more specific interests in Kant’s, Nietzsche’s, and James’s work, especially with regard to the similarities and historical connections among their respective epistemologies, as well as the way aesthetics is closely tied to their epistemology and/or ethics.

Here is a link to an interview with me on the King’s College Philosophy blog about some of my philosophical views and interests.

If you’re wondering about the picture above: I don’t work on Hume (yet), but like Kant and James and unlike Nietzsche, I am a fan.

The vineyard in the header strip is Monte Bello in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, where I worked in the tasting room for a few months in spring and summer of 2014.

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